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Data Meets Design

Bringing Emotional Data to Life in Design for Interiors, Products, and Digital Environments.

Work Areas

Ames Studio is a boutique design studio based in Boston. It was founded by Beth Ames Altringer, who runs the Design Lab at Harvard University. An architect by training, Altringer now specializes in designing digital and physical products and environments for specific emotions.

Past clients include: IKEA, Bosch, Diaggeo, IDEO, JWT, SAB Miller, Gucci Group, Puma, Swarovski, Disney, Uber, and many more. Client work helps fund research projects on how technology and creative design can be combined to help people learn and feel mentally healthy and creatively confident. 

Our studio provides design consulting and technical services in the following areas:

Interior Design. We offer design consulting services to create or enhance environments with calming effects, sensory pleasures, and nostalgia.

Product Design. We offer user-centered design and emotion design research, design, and consulting services to companies. 

Data Analysis to Inform Design Decisions. The Flavor Genome Project provides flavor intelligence based on computational ways of understanding, mapping, navigating, and discovering flavors. We work with data scientists, blind tasting experts, sommeliers, and chefs to build large taxonomies of human flavor perception. FGP includes millions of recipes, food and beverage flavor compounds and their attributes, and human reviews. The team is interested in how this data can be used to create new sensory and learning experiences in the future.

Game Design. Chef League is an iOS app that makes it fun to casually learn chef improvisation skills without taking a course. It broke boundaries as the first cooking game that was not about time management, but flavor improvisation skills, and as the first app to use a sophisticated scoring system based on real chef and sommelier recommendations. The team is working on an updated version.

Photo credit: Michael J Lee in Architectural Digest Spain
Off Their Plate Collaboration

Helping Out During Covid-19

Ames Studio was the technical launch partner for two COVID-19 relief initiatives. Thankfully, things are looking better in 2021, and we have returned to our core business.

Thank you again to all of the incredible volunteers who made these efforts possible!

Off Their Plate has evolved over time, and now focuses on hunger issues. Ames partnered with the OTP team from the start in March 2020 by designing their website and maintaining their tech side. The mission was focused on restoring wages to restaurant workers while providing meals to frontline workers. OTP partnered with Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen, and, in two months, raised $5.4 million to serve 533K+ meals, replace $2.6 million in wages, and develop standards documents to help guide restaurants worldwide to survive the pandemic.

Nested Learning Collective was a volunteer community making it easier for post-secondary educators to adapt to a remote fall semester by finding, testing, and recommending ready-to-incorporate, inexpensive, home-appropriate activities, projects, and tools. Ames partnered with a team of professors, designed the site, and maintained the technical infrastructure for the duration of the 1-year initiative. We closed the initiative as the pandemic improved in Spring 2021.


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