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︎Digital Arts

I’m an artist-designer-dev from the Rhode Island School of Design. As an artist, I make my own pixels and use them to create digital and generative art. As a developer, I make indie games. My digital painting process uses both manual and generative (code-driven) design processes.

My art is increasingly digital-first. It always explores the intersection of human perception, creativity, and psychology. I’m interested in what we gain from reconnecting with the messiness of reality and human perception. I like to experiment with concepts of perception, attention, facial recognition, optical illusion and sensemaking. I was fascinated by stereograms as a kid and often create a similar effect with painting through strokes that appear pixelated and hide images (usually faces or figures with an unusual backstory) in color and form.

I studied architecture, then cross-trained in game design, digital art, and product design, and have been painting since high school.

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